ISO Arrow

Another piece in the entrance Foyer to my studio, to replace the WIP piece I created previously.

This was an opportunity to further explore the potential of the anamorphic process, after a few different designs I decided creating something out of Isometric cubes. I’ve always enjoyed creating patterns with these, I love the 3D appearance they have when a tone, shade, and tint are used. Playing around with the shapes almost feels like you’re building a model. This was also the first piece I was able to design the image to fit with the space itself, further amplifying the three dimensional effect. I look forward to creating more work like this.

ISOArrow.Complete.WEB ISOArrow.View6.WEB ISOArrow.View7.WEB ISOArrow.View1.WEB ISOArrow.View2.WEB ISOArrow.View3.WEB ISOArrow.View4.WEB ISOArrow.View5.WEB

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