Major commission for The Festival Of the Mind in Sheffield.

A huge Anamorphic Typography piece, spanning five old department store windows which  face outside onto the public footpath. Seven points of perspective run along the pavement spelling the words “More than just a department store”. Challenging the general public to interact with the installation. This is the slogan given the to building, Castle House, a once thriving co operative department store in the 60’s which has long since been empty. Three vast floors of this building were taken over for the festival and re-imagined into three separate exhibitions. I was one of twenty artists commissioned for the Sheffield Bazaar exhibition.

By far my most ambitious piece to date it was an awesome, extremely challenging and rewarding experience. Many thanks to all who helped me with the project, volunteers, friends, and family alike. More of a description of the process, and thanks to follow… 

1.More.forweb 2.Than.forweb 3.Just.forweb 4.A.forweb 5.Depart.forweb 6.Ment.forweb 7.Store.forweb Multi.forweb 8.More.Out.forweb 9.Than.Out.forweb 10.Just.Out.forweb Other.2.forweb 11.Depart.Out.forweb 12.Ment.Out.forweb 13.Store.Out.forweb Other.1.forweb

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