Commissioned by brand new coffee shop The holt, Sheffield to create eye catching artwork on the entrance shutters. The shutters only close three quarters of the way which posed an unique opportunity to design a piece that doubles as the venues signage when it’s open. Thanks to Chopshop for the CNC’d text. 


I now have a BigCartel online store. Visit for exclusive limited prints, the images here are the first two prints I put on. Soon to be available again. I’m making it a priority in the New Year to concentrate on developing a portfolio of sellable artwork. With some exclusive screen prints in the pipeline, hand sprayed stencil pieces, and eventually a whole host of hand painted works. Here’s the link again!…


Commissioned by Constellations, Liverpool to create anamorphic signage in the entrance foyer to the venue. I created concentric hexagons  of ever decreasing scale to give the effect of perspective. When combined with perspective anamorphosis a tunnel effect is achieved. I also hand painted 3D text with a perspective effect also in anamorphosis.


I was invited by Peter Barber and Bec Smith to help out with the construction and painting of a temporary installation for Frequency 2015 Festival of Multimedia. This was a very interesting project which playfully questioned our understanding and definition of freedom and liberation; the theme of Frequency Festival 2015. The installation used conductive paint and projection mapping to create a highly interactive experience. Read more about the project and see more photo’s and videos here.