Commissioned by brand new coffee shop The holt, Sheffield to create eye catching artwork on the entrance shutters. The shutters only close three quarters of the way which posed an unique opportunity to design a piece that doubles as the venues signage when it’s open. Thanks to Chopshop for the CNC’d text. 


I now have a BigCartel online store. Visit for exclusive limited prints, the images here are the first two prints I put on. Soon to be available again. I’m making it a priority in the New Year to concentrate on developing a portfolio of sellable artwork. With some exclusive screen prints in the pipeline, hand sprayed stencil pieces, and eventually a whole host of hand painted works. Here’s the link again!…


Commission with world renowned department store, Harrods in London. Located in the womens ‘Designer Studio’ womens fashion department as part of a large season change. Working from a basic brief and rough idea, I created these perfectly symmetrical stripes of decreasing thickness, using a greyscale colour palette. The lotus flower models were supplied by the art department and added last after the paint dripping effect was applied. 


Presenting the Dazzle Room. An immersive puzzle room for The Great Escape, Sheffield. When asked to create a room for them I saw it as an amazing opportunity to create something completely immersive and engaging. For those unfamiliar with live escape games, they generally comprise of themed room for groups of 2-6 players, filled with codes and clues with which the players have to solve in order to escape. The beauty of their games is they blindfold the players first and lead them into the rooms, positioning them at specific points (often handcuffed and padlocked in). This posed a unique opportunity for using the anamorphic technique to create optical illusions. Having created anamorphic art in public locations a number of times now, I have found that unless it is made obvious, the general public can find it hard to locate the correct viewpoint. The unique difference here being that players are walked in blindfolded then positioned in the specific viewpoints, the illusion therefore will be visible as soon as they the blindfold off.

The idea for an optical illusion room came from previous work and study into Dazzle Camouflage. Developed in WW1 for the concealment of naval ships, these huge vessels were painted with complex monochromatic patterns of geometric shapes, interrupting and intersecting each other and altering their perspectives. Taking this concept I theorised how, together with perspective anamorphosis, the shape and perspective of a room could be altered, giving the illusion it is larger than it actually is, for example.

That is how the first corner effect was created, giving the illusion a corridor is present when in reality there is just a flat wall. The second corner was a continuation from the first, using similar intersecting shapes but on a more vertical perspective. I had it in mind that each corner would be a different experience for each player. So the third and fourth corners contrast somewhat, and focus more on optical illusions. I had wanted to paint isometric cubes like this for a while now, and love the effect of a floating “Iso wall”. The final corner came from experimenting with isometric cubes and the shape of their silhouette, a hexagon. I found creating contrasting concentric hexagons had quite an effect on the eye. And when painted with anamorphosis, on the ceiling and floor as well as two perpendicular walls, it had even more of an effect.

Their only requirement for this room was that it needed to have a code hidden within the artwork. This posed quite a challenge but after much experimentation I devised a mirror puzzle. I took a blocky typeface and selected four suitable digits. I split each one apart so there were then two halves of random looking shapes. When these are combined together they make the whole. To turn this into an actual puzzle I took one half of each number, reversed them and cut stencils approximately 30cm in height. I sprayed these at specific positions on the walls and camouflaged them further by inverting them against a wave pattern. For the other half of each digit I cut the shapes out of vinyl and applied to a mirror. To discover the number players must stand with their backs to the shapes on the wall and position the mirror so the reflection of the shapes fill the gaps of the shapes on the mirror. Once they have discovered each number they must enter them into a lockbox which reveals the key to open the door to move onto the next room. As difficult to realise as it is to explain. And a fairly difficult puzzle with a 50% achievement rate.

The whole room was a massive undertaking, but an achievement none the less.


As I mentioned in my last blog post I will be painting at Upfest in Bristol this year!!

In addition to this I can now announce I’ll be painting at Birmingham’s City of Colours as well!

Very excited about these events, cannot wait to produce work to such a wide audience!

City of Colours has launched a Kickstarter funding page to raise money to make the festival what it is. Please visit and donate if you can!…

Been a while!

I’ve not posted for ages have I?! Sorry about that. Very busy you see, but here’s a little run down of what’s been happening since Jan (can’t believe it’s April already!!)…

January started very quiet, just had one small branding commission on, but it was a good one. I created an A1 canvas for LTBL Productions, a great independent Film company in Sheffield. I’ll create a proper post for this with the inspiration behind it when I have time, but here’s a photo of the finished piece in the mean time…LTBLFinalNoLogoWEB LTBLFinalWithLogoWEBSince then I have been working on an extremely exciting project which has been taking all my time for close to two months now! I once again set myself quite the challenge to fill a square room, floor and ceiling included, with optical illusions / op art. I thought it would be a good opportunity to use perspective anamorphosis with it too, which is what’s taking the time. It’s painstaking work but should be worth it when it’s completed. Information re. what it’s actually for soon, here’s a couple of sneak peeks though…Teaser1WEBCAN YOU SEE A THEME OCCURRING?…


Other than this I have three other great commissions lined up to start soon. More info soon.

And the big news is I got into UPFEST! I’ll be painting an 8″ x 10″ wall in front of excess of 30,000 visitors, so no pressure there. Very excited about this though and humbled I’ve been given the opportunity!

So, busy as always, i’ll try to post more often now…


FLOW – Canvas series

I have created ten limited edition one off artworks on canvas. Painted with a hand sprayed first layer, and a stencil for the second layer. They mark the start of an extensive study into colour and pattern and the three dimensional effects light and shade can instill. I first painted this pattern large scale on my Tour De France mural earlier in the year, ever since I have been wanting to experiment with it further. Measuring 210 x 300 x 18 mm they are available to purchase for £30 each. If any one of them takes your fancy, please get intouch via email – rob_is@rob–

Happy viewing!1:10 Aquarium.WEB 2:10 Pine.WEB 3:10 Construct.WEB 4:10 Jest.WEB 5:10 Oasis.WEB 6:10 Rose.WEB 7:10 Sandstone:Gritstone.WEB 8:10 Midnight Lava.WEB 9:10 The Deep.WEB 10:10 Candy.WEB



Big big update. 3 new MURAL projects added and a PERSPECTIVE piece.

Go check!

I do apologise for the lack of postage. I’ve spent all my spare time over the last three months setting up my studio, which needed a massive amount of work doing to it. I’ve got it to a ‘blank canvas’ level, meaning it’s complete, I now just need to cover the walls in lots of colour and get some shelving etc in there. It marks a bit of a corner stone for me I feel, as it will allow me to explore lots of new ideas, and hopefully increase my output somewhat. I’ll get some start-to-finish photos up soon.