The Night Kitchen

Party for the People, a great not-for-profit organisation in Sheffield, asked me to design them a logo and colour scheme for their new club venture ‘The Night Kitchen’ down at CADS. I created a four-pronged fork-like design, a homage to the venue’s history as a cutlery factory, which now acts as it’s identity on all promotional material. This then led to a massive project of art direction across the entire venue. A great venture in which the talented sculptor Joe Adams and myself led a group of volunteers through the whole process. My role was to paint three large walls. One spanning the length of the main club room, another was a continuation of the C-r-M-g-Y-b-K mural I painted for CADS last year, and also a large feature wall for the newly designed logo. The most exciting part of this project was creating a design around the logo that complimented it in the daytime and at night. Big thanks go to Chopshop for the use of their CNC router to cut the logo, and to Joe and Simon Brown for helping me mount the four layers and fit the lights. The end result is really striking in the dark when everything is lit up. For the main club wall, I used the 4-way colour-scheme to create a wave-like pattern which plays with the perspective of the length of the room. For the third wall, see C-r-M-g-Y-b-K part 2 for the extra work I did on this.
TNKLogoFeatureWallWeb1FeatureWallWeb2FeatureWallWeb3TNKWallNightWebPhoto Credit: Liam Taylor


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