C-r-M-g-Y-b-K @ CADS

I was lucky enough to get involved with the guys down at CADS just when they had a project running with Red Bull. The commission was to paint a large area of external wall space in the main courtyard. With no brief other than a basic colourway of Red, Green, and Blue, I set to work researching into CADS and what they do. For those who don’t know, CADS is a great place, full of creative individuals working in many different areas (please check out their website or facebook for more info). It’s a very social place and perfect for collaborating and inspiration. With this in mind, I looked more into colourways, and seeing that their logo is actually displayed in the CMYK colour mode, I decided to create a large sprawling mural which combined the two colour modes, CMYK and RGB, which I feel is a direct, though abstract, representation of CADS and everything they do.
Many thanks to Dan at Wavelab for shooting the time-lapse, follow THIS LINK for the video.

1.Right 2.Front 3.Detail 4.Detail 5.Detail 6.Detail 7.Full 8.Panorama

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