Commissioned to create a site-specific piece for a newly built extension leading customers up to a refurbished 1st-floor dining area. Using their colour scheme as inspiration this contemporary design is the result, the architecture completely influencing the pattern. To finish the piece I created the bespoke signage.


Commissioned by The University Of Sheffield in February 2016 to paint 24m of construction hoarding under the concourse outside the students union which was erected for the essential bridge maintenance that was taking place. Originally intended to only be in place for three months, due to its popularity, the piece stayed many months after the work was complete, lasting approximately a year and a half.
This was my first anamorphic piece using just a single plane of perspective. I had full creative freedom for this so took the opportunity to explore some ideas and try something new. As tempting as it was to design and paint something totally personal, I felt I had a duty to paint something typographical that related to, and that could inspire its audience. I came up with the phrase when I asked myself – ‘what do you go to uni for?” then cut this into my tech wave pattern, creating a Trompe L’oeil piece which had viewers walking right up to it to check if it was indeed three dimensional.


Asked by CADS to brighten up the Waverly House building they had recently taken on in The Wicker, Sheffield. On a very tight budget and taking the large scale of the building into consideration I came up with a design which would reach up to the top of the first floor, but unfortunately the size of the building restricted this. The 5 shades of green were to carry on as can be seen in original mockup. The 45degree diagonal stripes were used to inject colour and vibrancy into the building and therefore the area around it. 


Commission with world renowned department store, Harrods in London. Located in the womens ‘Designer Studio’ womens fashion department as part of a large season change. Working from a basic brief and rough idea, I created these perfectly symmetrical stripes of decreasing thickness, using a greyscale colour palette. The lotus flower models were supplied by the art department and added last after the paint dripping effect was applied.


Large-scale project for not-for-profit Sheffield organisation Party for The People. Initially asked to create the branding and colour scheme for their new nightclub venture ‘The Night Kitchen’ based at CADS. This then led to art direction and the creation of a running theme across the entire venue. This was an awesome project in which talented sculptor Joe Adams and I led a group of volunteers through the whole process of transforming the rather run-down former cutlery factory into a vibrant new nightclub venue. My role was to paint three large walls. One spanning the length of the main club room, another was a continuation of the CrMgYbK mural I painted the previous year, and also a large feature wall for the newly designed logo. For the main room, I used the four-way colour scheme in a pattern to play with the length and perspective of the room. See ‘CADS part 2’ for the extra work I did on this. A highlight of this project was creating the four-layer illuminated logo. Thank you to Chopshop, Joe Adams, and Simon Brown for helping to realise this.