I collaborated with 7 other Sheffield artists to paint a section of the ‘Graffiti wall’ for Year of Making funded arts festival Hillsfest in Hillsborough, Sheffield. Curated by Anthony Benett and Mila K. The wall was originally designed to be constructed as a spiral, reaching 8m at its highest point. It would therefore be an interactive structure the general public could walk around. Unfortunately, high wind was forecast on the weekend it took place and it was deemed too unsafe to erect. The boards were laid flat on the floor so not quite the same effect was achieved, but it was good to take my 3D flow effect to another level. 



Installation for the Urban Impressions exhibition at 19 Greek Street, London. Curated by Creative Orchestra for the Metro. I was commissioned to produce an anamorphic, modified version of the Metro logo on the entrance reception walls . The finished piece immerses the general public as they enter and walk through to the upper floors of the exhibition. Thanks to Jelly London for the commission.


Major commission for The Festival Of the Mind, 2014, Sheffield. 

A huge Anamorphic Typography piece, spanning five old department store windows which face outside onto the public footpath. Seven points of perspective run along the pavement spelling the words “More than just a department store”, encouraging the general public to interact with the installation. Curator Professor Vannesa Toumlin coined the slogan for Castle House, a once thriving co operative department store in the 60′s which has long since been empty. Three vast floors of this building were taken over for the festival and re-imagined into three separate exhibitions. I was one of twenty artists commissioned for the Sheffield Bazaar exhibition. 

By far my most ambitious piece to date it was an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. Preparation was particularly challenging, transforming the old display windows into a pure white space. I also fabricated twenty different cuboid objects to place in the space. Many thanks to Ben Jackson, Tommy Wilson, Joseph Andrew, Ella Wildin, Felicity Hoy, Phlegm_art, Mick Lee, Rich Lee for your help.