A View of Sheff was a group exhibition curated by Uber Agency.

Following statement taken from the View of Sheff website

“To get under the skin of the real Sheffield, Über Agency created a snapshot of totally honest viewpoints from people the length and breadth of the city, by simply asking them: What’s your view of Sheffield?

We then invited Sheffield-based designers and artists to each select one of these viewpoints and interpret it in a style and medium of their choice.

This exhibition not only showcased the rich and varied design talent in Sheffield but we also hoped that it will help you to view the city in whole new ways.”


I started the year off with a small branding commission for LTBL productions, an independent film company based in Sheffield. Their only preference was high contract so it gave me an opportunity to take new direction and explore a fascination with Dazzle Camouflage. I very much enjoyed experimenting with many different designs and ended up with this symmetrical tesselated pattern.