I collaborated with 7 other Sheffield artists to paint a section of the ‘Graffiti wall’ for Year of Making funded arts festival Hillsfest in Hillsborough, Sheffield. Curated by Anthony Benett and Mila K. The wall was originally designed to be constructed as a spiral, reaching 8m at its highest point. It would therefore be an interactive structure the general public could walk around. Unfortunately, high wind was forecast on the weekend it took place and it was deemed too unsafe to erect. The boards were laid flat on the floor so not quite the same effect was achieved, but it was good to take my 3D flow effect to another level. 



My piece for City of Colours 2016 I returned to a style I have been wanting to continue exploring since I first started out, I illustrated the Iconic Birmingham bull in an abstract manner and combined with my 3D flow I have painted much more of as a background. Using the colours from the Birmingham Flag.   


Commissioned by Constellations, Liverpool to create anamorphic signage in the entrance foyer to the venue. I created concentric hexagons  of ever decreasing scale to give the effect of perspective. When combined with perspective anamorphosis a tunnel effect is achieved. I also hand painted 3D text with a perspective effect also in anamorphosis.


Another piece in the entrance Foyer to my studio, to replace the WIP piece I created previously. 

This was an opportunity to further explore the potential of the anamorphic process. I decided to use isometric cubes as I’ve always enjoyed creating patterns with them, I love the 3D appearance when tone, shade, and tint are used. I did many different designs for this, finally settling on the arrow. Arranging and creating objects with the cubes appeals to my younger self when I used to build model kits. This was also the first piece I was able to design the image to fit with the space itself, further amplifying the three dimensional effect. Looking forward to creating more pieces like this. 


Installation for the Urban Impressions exhibition at 19 Greek Street, London. Curated by Creative Orchestra for the Metro. I was commissioned to produce an anamorphic, modified version of the Metro logo on the entrance reception walls . The finished piece immerses the general public as they enter and walk through to the upper floors of the exhibition. Thanks to Jelly London for the commission.