These last couple of months have been absolutely manic. So much painting, it’s been a tiring but great experience.

Since my last post I’ve practically been living down at CADS, working on THREE large murals, all for the new Night Kitchen project. I’ll be doing a big feature about this awesome venture in full when I finally get my camera fixed and can take some proper photos. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots I took throughout the whole project…IMG_5680 IMG_5684IMG_5971 IMG_6708 IMG_6889 IMG_6923

IMG_6898IMG_6901 IMG_6906IMG_6924 IMG_6914 IMG_6922IMG_6942 IMG_6956 IMG_6950


Better late than never so Happy New Year to all! I do hope your year will be ever the prosperous one.

For me, the term ‘start as you mean to go on’ has never been so appropriate, with a January that’s turned out to be very busy…

Just a few days into the year I started my first commission at The Film Pool, it’s taken much longer than I thought due to the fact I was chartering new territory with the perspective anamorphosis technique. I am off to finish it today though, so photos will be up soon.

Out of the blue I got this quick rebranding job for the guys down at Party for the People and CADS. The new club night in sheffield, “The Night Kitchen” needed a logo and overall identity. I came up with this fork like image and came up with a colour scheme. The beauty of this is it will tie in with the mural I did for CADS in the summer. And with the interior of the club space to be decorated, i’m really looking forward to how the project will pan out.


Other than this I have some other branding jobs in the pipeline. And I’ll be releasing my first print run in the next couple of months, and here’s a little sneak peak at the type of paintings I’ll be working on this year (excuse the poor quality photo)…TNKFinal

Stay tuned for more updates!

It has been a while hasn’t it!

I have been a little quiet of late, I do apologise for this.
Concerns of a family matter are currently demanding most of my time. 

Rest assured I have not been completely unproductive…

I still have yet to put up photographs of my latest commission (which I shall do so in the very close future).
I have another little Perspective commission starting very soon just after the NY

I have finally started hand painting in Gouache, so some progress shots of those soon.

Many plans for the new year. Two words – STREET PRESENCE