It has been a while hasn’t it!

I have been a little quiet of late, I do apologise for this.
Concerns of a family matter are currently demanding most of my time. 

Rest assured I have not been completely unproductive…

I still have yet to put up photographs of my latest commission (which I shall do so in the very close future).
I have another little Perspective commission starting very soon just after the NY

I have finally started hand painting in Gouache, so some progress shots of those soon.

Many plans for the new year. Two words – STREET PRESENCE




Lots on…

It’s been a while… but i’ve been busy! Lots in the pipeline as usual so i’ll just touch upon them now.

I’m working on some t-shirt designs for Yorkshire Tee in Sheffield.

I’ve two very exciting commissions lined up.

I’m in the process of setting up a screen printing studio with good friend Dirtyface to start bringing out lines of art prints.

I’m working on creating a range of original artworks on canvas.

And, now this weather’s finally sorting itself out it’s about time I start with a street presence, through murals, stencils and wheat pastes. Something fresh for the city of Sheffield me thinks!

All happening, all exciting, much more info to follow!…




I’ve started a Vimeo account for any moving image work I do so feel free to follow me if you’re on. I have a good few old vids of work I did at uni and the like, when I was exploring 3DCG animation. So i’ll get those up. Right now there’s just the one video, which is an edit of time-lapse footage of one of my Perspective Anamorphosis pieces, to the glitchy sounds of Shlohmo. Kindly put together by Rajnish Madaan 


Since completing said latest commission, I’ve gone back to my roots and currently working on ways to develop my style. This includes developing a freehand graffiti style amongst other things. But I thought i’d start with some Logo development. It’s seen a few changes and I’ll soon be creating a section to document this progression, but here are a few renders of where I’m at with it at the moment…

RL3DColor17 RL3DColor14


Multi1small Multi6small Multi7small