Here’s my Elephant for the Herd of Sheffield, the biggest public art event to ever occur in Sheffield. 40 artists were commissioned by The Childrens Hospital Charity to paint over 50 of these which are now spread all over the city. The exhibition runs till October 5th when they will all be sold in a huge charity auction. All proceeds going towards the purchase of state of the art life saving equipment.

“Technicolour Pachyderms” pays homage to the Disney classic, Dumbo. The title is taken from a line in the theme tune which plays alongside the famous ‘Pink elephants on parade’ scene. This mind bending, hallucinatory section of the film always left quite an impression on me and inspired the piece. To mirror this atmosphere in the real world, I used Perspective Anamorphosis to split the sculpture in two, and paint two of the characters that feature in the scene from viewpoints directly opposite each other.

From every other angle, the patterns are warped and inconsistent. Viewers are required to move around the piece to discover the exact viewpoint, when they will see the true depiction of the 2D characters.

A huge challenge but overall incredibly rewarding when it’s all for charity! Many thanks to SCX Group for sponsoring my design and making it all possible. If you’re in Sheffield or even if you’re not, be sure to take a visit to explore the Herd, there are some amazing designs out there! Download the app to check them off, collect and gain rewards.


Viewpoint1.1 Viewpoint1.2Viewpoint1.3 Viewpoint1.4Viewpoint2.1Viewpoint2.3 Viewpoint2.2

Viewpoint2.4 Viewpoint2.5


I feel i must apologise for the lack of updating this website has received. I have at least seven recent projects to upload, but time is something of a luxury these days and unfortunately the site has fallen by the wayside. I feel it now needs a huge overhaul which I plan on doing as soon as possible. I am due to finish my part-time job at the start of June (massive excitement and daunt in equal measures), therefore becoming a full-time artist. My website will be one of the first things I address. So, watch this space, and in the meantime visit my Facebook or Instagram for latest work…


I now have a BigCartel online store. Visit for exclusive limited prints, the images below are the first two prints I put on. Soon to be available again. I’m making it a priority in the New Year to concentrate on developing a portfolio of sellable artwork. With some exclusive screen prints in the pipeline, hand sprayed stencil pieces, and eventually a whole host of hand painted works. Here’s the link again!… www.roblee.bigcartel.comWaveFlowPrint1.WEB WaveFlowPrint2.WEB


As I mentioned in my last blog post I will be painting at Upfest in Bristol this year!!

In addition to this I can now announce I’ll be painting at Birmingham’s City of Colours as well!

Very excited about these events, cannot wait to produce work to such a wide audience!

City of Colours has launched a Kickstarter funding page to raise money to make the festival what it is. Please visit and donate if you can!…

Been a while!

I’ve not posted for ages have I?! Sorry about that. Very busy you see, but here’s a little run down of what’s been happening since Jan (can’t believe it’s April already!!)…

January started very quiet, just had one small branding commission on, but it was a good one. I created an A1 canvas for LTBL Productions, a great independent Film company in Sheffield. I’ll create a proper post for this with the inspiration behind it when I have time, but here’s a photo of the finished piece in the mean time…LTBLFinalNoLogoWEB LTBLFinalWithLogoWEBSince then I have been working on an extremely exciting project which has been taking all my time for close to two months now! I once again set myself quite the challenge to fill a square room, floor and ceiling included, with optical illusions / op art. I thought it would be a good opportunity to use perspective anamorphosis with it too, which is what’s taking the time. It’s painstaking work but should be worth it when it’s completed. Information re. what it’s actually for soon, here’s a couple of sneak peeks though…Teaser1WEBCAN YOU SEE A THEME OCCURRING?…


Other than this I have three other great commissions lined up to start soon. More info soon.

And the big news is I got into UPFEST! I’ll be painting an 8″ x 10″ wall in front of excess of 30,000 visitors, so no pressure there. Very excited about this though and humbled I’ve been given the opportunity!

So, busy as always, i’ll try to post more often now…