FLOW – Canvas series

I have created ten limited edition one off artworks on canvas. Painted with a hand sprayed first layer, and a stencil for the second layer. They mark the start of an extensive study into colour and pattern and the three dimensional effects light and shade can instill. I first painted this pattern large scale on my Tour De France mural earlier in the year, ever since I have been wanting to experiment with it further. Measuring 210 x 300 x 18 mm they are available to purchase for £30 each. If any one of them takes your fancy, please get intouch via email – rob_is@rob–lee.co.uk.

Happy viewing!1:10 Aquarium.WEB 2:10 Pine.WEB 3:10 Construct.WEB 4:10 Jest.WEB 5:10 Oasis.WEB 6:10 Rose.WEB 7:10 Sandstone:Gritstone.WEB 8:10 Midnight Lava.WEB 9:10 The Deep.WEB 10:10 Candy.WEB


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